Solid vs. Inflatable Paddle Boards

Solid vs. Inflatable Paddle Boards

Stand-up paddle boarding is growing in popularity due to its fun and easy nature. Many people of all ages can enjoy the water and explore while also getting in a good workout. Along with the sport, there has been a major shift in gear from a traditional solid composite board to inflatable paddle boards (and for good reason!).

At ICON Best, we are dedicated to providing high-quality performance products to fit any lifestyle — including our outdoor enthusiasts! Keep reading to learn more about why inflatable paddle boards are becoming so much more popular for paddleboarders of all skill levels and shop our collection of the best inflatable paddle boards!

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Advancements in materials have made inflatable stand-up paddle boards (iSUPs) stand out over their solid hard counterparts due to their ability to perform in a wide variety of settings. The best inflatable paddle boards can be taken on endless adventures on flat water, and small waves, and can even be used in whitewater depending on your skill level. Plus inflatable paddle boards are typically more stable, making them ideal choices for leisure and competition races.

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Hardboards take up a ton of space, not to mention require special overhead racks and cost extra to fly. The best inflatable iSUPs, inflate and deflate with ease — allowing you to take it anywhere! Many iSUPs fit perfectly into a suitcase making air travel much easier and more convenient. Being able to take your paddle board with you not only ensures you have the perfect ride but also saves you hundreds of dollars in rental fees.

A Uros brand Paddleboard


The best inflatable paddleboards are made with high-quality, durable materials that are less susceptible to dings and holes from rough waters such as rivers. Compared to solid boards that can cost extensively for repairs, iSUPs are much more cost-friendly. Plus our iSUPs are constructed with the strongest EVA and two layers of PVC, paired together with the top-leveled drop-stitch technique, ensuring you hours of fun in the sun!

Variety of colors and styles of paddleboards


In addition to being extremely durable and portable, paddleboarders can express their style more freely with iSUPs. The best inflatable paddle board brands offer unique styles, bright colors, and fun patterns!

Whether you are an experienced paddleboarder or you are just getting started on your paddleboard journey, one thing is clear — you must have the right gear. Shop ICON Best’s wide selection of inflatable stand-up paddle boards to find your perfect fit!

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