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Welcome to UROS! Our focus is on developing, innovating, and creating products that enhance outdoor-life experiences through daily-use devices.

Inflatable Paddle Boards Stand Up

Planche à rame gonflable


  • green

Planche à rame gonflable

À partir de $459.99

  • orange

Planche à rame gonflable

À partir de $459.99

  • blue

Planche à rame gonflable

À partir de $459.99

  • yellow

Planche à rame gonflable

À partir de $499.99

  • wood-brown
UROS Professional Backpack for Travel with TSA Lock

Sac à dos de voyage professionnel UROS


UROS Anti-Theft Smart Laptop Backpack with USB Charging


UROS Paddle Boards

UROS stand up paddle boards are fabricated and structured by the strongest EVA and two layers of PVC, together with the top levelled drop-stitch technique, we are bringing the customer the most reliable MSL materialized inflatable paddle boards in the most outstanding styles and designs for you to enjoy the summer water times.

What are the Advantages of an Inflatable Paddle Board?

If you live near the water or enjoy spending time outdoors, you may have considered purchasing a paddle board. Paddle...

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